Ruby NQ100 M

I am not an idiot, but a cursory look at Dr. René Koch’s system - since 20-Dec-2006 - and well we indeed find a gem.

84% compound, 8% DD. Stock selection and entry/exits must be excellent since this stock fund is affected by overall market trends…yet, during the past 2 corrections ‘Doc’ has come out smelling like a sweet flower.

No overleveraging/individual risk to trades, no options, futures or ‘ProShares’. No $100,000 positions and a just handful of trades each month. Furthermore, the length each trade is held and the amount of points gained, shows some real insight into what a good trading “systems” is all about.

And for all those that live/die by APD/Sharpe…take a look.

With less than 1000 views it seems many have missed this precious system.

Of course I am an idiot if I think I know more than what I said, so we’ll leave it at that. I neither have the time or the inclination to put any real analysis but cursory into these blurbs.

Gilbert aka Paysense