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Scaling subscription cost



Why don’t you scale the subscription cost.


The developer of statistics for 10,000 trades 1 lot, the cost of a subscription is 49.

The client copies to 50,000 and copies 5 lots, the subscription price is 49 * 5 = 245.

The client copies to 70,000 and copies 7 lots, the subscription price is 49 * 7 = 343.

The client copies to 10,000 and copies 2 lots, the subscription price is 49 * 2 = 98.

So be fair and honest.



Could you as the leader just do that yourself? Just set your price high and give coupons to smaller accounts?

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For subs who use scaling of more than 1.0 you sell exactly the same signals as for clients who uses scaling of 1.0. You don’t do more work, so why to pay more money?

Here at c2 you just sell signals, but not manage subs money.


as per many forum entries here on C2:

That posted answer to a similar question is about 12 years old, but still valid. So the answer comes from the attorneys. We publish signals, others subscribe and use them as they see fit. C2 helps the subscribers manage trades, and feeds them our signals. But we are not qualified legally to do other than this. IANAL, but this is my understanding of the situation.

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As an option, but it is not effective.


In your opinion, when a client with 10K pays for a subscription, 79, like a client with 250K also pays 79. I manage the funds and bear reputational risks. For me, these are not empty words. I have a moral responsibility to customers. I try to do everything so well with their bills.


Other competitors have this feature. Hide deals for clients (the result is visible only on clearing once a day) + fee scaling (depending on the lot) + risk control. So fair and better to go to them.

Why do you need free subscriptions here? So the resource itself can create hundreds of bots every day and create visible activity. And who will sign for a fee here a maximum of 250-300 people for the entire project.


Let me just nip this conversation in the bud. We’re unable to move in this direction, due to regulatory constraints. Sorry.

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Thanks. No more questions. All clear.


I see no problem with it. But I see a problem that you feel yourself underpaid. :slight_smile: It is just greed.

You are not, you sell signals.

This is good, but how does this behavior depend on the fee size? Lesser the fee - lesser the responsibility?

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If a trade lose 1k/lot. Who pay 6k (difference) for the client copying 7 lots?

You may increase the fee higher “to be fair and honest“ as your expectations.

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