Sharpe definition

Newbie here and I have to send a big thanks back to the guys that referred me here. First blush feedback from a newbie.

-The grid selection was hard to get into directly,

-curves came directly in, but the number of curves changed for no apparent reason (when I click on them then backed up to what should have been the original screen), printing out the master curves page finds the radio buttons above did not print out that I really searched for. They print as Most popular and options, wheres I looked and printed out 4 or 5 different criteria sets. using mostly the left buttons and stock and or options,

-Grid is asking me for a selection criteria (sharpe) for which I had to dig real hard in messages to get a weak definition for. Each term needs an F1 or help on all the terms.

-A newbie general terminology tab would really be appreciated.

-Do you consider LEAPS a future, there are no mentions of LEAPS or do you categorize them as options?

-I would like to see a full grid list without any criteria to see how high the horizons are in all directions. then make stat sortable if it is not already (I only see one in my list so far.)

Overall I really impressed despite these minor items.

Has anybody done the Compound Stock Earnings covered calls, LEAPS, or credit spreads?

LEAPS are not futures, I think they are basically long term options, but never used them

To get definitions for the technical terms, just google it and you may be given links to wiki, investopedia etc., which has all the information you will ever need…

I used to trade LEAPS and also include it as a filter for the stock issue selection, but discontinued trading options. Even when I use the ratio of 1 option for every 100 shares with volume less than 5% of daily volume for the option, look at its Open Interest etc., and take a conservative position, C2 still penalizes the Realism Factor when trading options… I can’t seem to make sense of options trading in general… Anyway, it is a zero-sum game unlike trading stocks/ETFs which are less risky to trade…