Simulated vs. Real Options Fill Prices

I am running a real account and a C2 strategy separately but they both closed a trade in the same option contract 4 minutes apart. It is an illiquid options contract. Since the accounts are not connected C2 can’t see the actual fills I have. Therefore, the simulated strategy assumed a sale at $3.70 whereas the real sale was $4.00. I doubt there is anything that can be done to narrow this without using BrokerTransmit or having autotrading in real accounts turned on. I thought it was interesting, and thought I would just put it out there to see if anyone has an out of the box idea.

In short I don’t have the actual account linked because I don’t want to pay to autotrade and didn’t want to start the strategy with just $10,000 which is what I started with in the real account.

Some screenshots are in Eastern and others are in central.