SPY is Ex-Dividend Today

Your chart on SPY will show a lower bar than yesterday and the current quote will show a lower price than yesterday’s close but the change will show that SPY is higher than yesterday. The reason for this is that it is Ex-Dividend. The difference in the price change is the dividend and the current price.

At one point YAHOO Finance showed a green bar that is lower than yesterdays bar and a red volume bar showing it is down but data showing it is up.

It makes for some weird looking charts… happy trading.

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SPY went ex-dividend on Friday 12/20/19. SPODD500 showed a nice profit on Friday’s trade. The SPY graph showed a red bar down but the quote accurately showed it being up. The SPXL graph showed a nice gap up. The ex-dividend always messes up the data and needs to be manually adjusted in our spreadsheets in order to reflect the true nature of the profitable move. Happy Trading and Merry Christmas!

To those who are invested in SPODD500 signals, you will be receiving a dividend
The following announcement has been made official by Direxion:

Record Date Ex Date Pay Date Income Dividend Short-Term Capital Gain Long-Term Capital Gain
12/24/2019 12/23/2019 12/31/2019 0.26225

Link: https://www.direxion.com/products/direxion-daily-sp-500-bull-3x-etf?keyword=3x%20bull%20sp&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjLmVtp3N5gIVhcDACh0UBgpgEAAYASAAEgIxZfD_BwE