Stocks not priced for a recession -> SG Smooth Sailing - Coupons available

We have launched a C2 strategy recently SG Smooth Sailing that we have been trading ourselves for sometime that has risk management at its core.

Currently stocks are not priced for a recession: The S&P 500 currently trades at 19.4 times income, while Nasdaq 100 trades at 24.4 times. These ratios are only supported during an economic expansion.

SG Smooth Sailing is an automated system that shuttles between GLD, TLT and SPY and withdraws to cash when no appropriate signal is found. Risk management is further supported by a trailing stop loss and execution model.

This is a non-leveraged system and is seeking long-term predicable annual returns . Given the targeted low draw-downs (targeting 5-10%), this system is appropriate for high-value and retirement accounts.

It is early days, so we are offering a $10 coupon for 6 months to the first 10 subscribers.

Please feel free to message us if you have any questions.

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