Stop loss size problem

Right now, if you use the take profit feature in manage positions to close part of the position, the stop loss order attached to the position still maintains it’s original position size even after the the take profit order gets filled. This is a big error in the platform. Once the position size is reduced the size of the stop loss order should also be automatically reduced.

I had closed part of my position with take profit. The rest of the position went down and hit the stop loss which still had the original position size. So now, instead of going flat my position went short. This was eventually closed out by autosync but caused a big loss.

Max - Please send to the exact and specific details about the trade sequence you are talking about (broker account, system id #, position that you closed, date and time ET, stop loss trade that was too large), and we’ll take a look to see if AutoSync was turned off or on in this case, and - if it was, exactly what happened.

I just send the details of the trade. But I’ve also noticed that the stop order size remains the same even when your take profit order gets filled and and the position size is reduced.