Strategy Managment, Today P/L very different from AUM

I manage a few strategies, and noticed the “Today P/L” is very different from change in AUM somtimes.

For example, today, I didn’t have subscriber changes, so that wouldn’t account for it, and I see “Today P/L +5.2%”, while AUM shows “+0.38%”. Usually they might be off by 0.1 or less of a percent which maybe due to slippage, etc, but why sometimes the huge discrepency? Thanks. - Tony

AUM calculations are based on the number of live AutoTraders actually trading your strategy in a live brokerage account, and their AutoTrade Scaling %. If none of your subscribers turns on or off autotrading, and if no one changes his or her Scaling %, then your daily AUM change should match very closely with your strategy performance. However, if AutoTraders come or go, or change the amount of capital allocated to your strategy, your AUM will change accordingly.

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