Strawberry Rhubarb FX's billing logic

Has anyone else noticed anything awry with C2’s calculations for billing on this system? For the past two weeks my billing message has said that the system has now set a new high water mark. C2 says the high water mark on 10/11/12 was $47,661 and on 10/18/12 was $48,869.

However, according the the graph of Strawberry Rhubarb FX’s performance shows a system equity high water mark of $49,550 on 4/2/12.

Matthew was kind enough to ask Alen to refund last week’s charge, but they aren’t going to look into an individual subscriber’s billing calculations.

If anyone has any suggestion as to what might be wrong with my logic or has a similiar perspective on the high water mark issue, I’d much appreciate hearing from you.



Hi, Nolan:

I am aware of this issue and am investigating it. There seems to be a problem with the high-water-mark calculations, which I am trying to get to the bottom of. (I recently added inclusion of commission-costs into these calcs.)

I’ll post here shortly when resolved.