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Subscriber Refund Policy

Hi all,

I have an idea that (if C2 allows). Subscriber will pay 3 months package fee and will be refunded 100% subscription fee if the Trade Leader model account does not generate profit after 3 months.

How do you think?

Alas, that is something we are not going to be able to support, because of both regulatory and operational limitations.

So, can I offer my own “Refund Policy”?

The subscriber will pay 3 month package fee and will be refunded 50% subscription fee (100% of my commission) if my model account does not generate profit after 3 months.

C2 will keep my commission and pay me after 3 months or refund to the subscriber.

Nice idea - how about a free subs voucher instead for the next three months? I don’t think it would be necessary with your system anyway;)

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I appreciate that you are trying to stand behind your strategy and express confidence in it. That’s great.


We can’t support custom “refund promise policies,” for a few reasons. Most important, we try to stay far away from regulatory gray areas, and so we don’t allow Managers to be compensated based on performance.

There are other less important reasons, too, such as: refunds are penalized by credit card processing companies (they raise fees across the board when they occur too often), and we don’t have the back-office to handle this on any scale.

So my suggestion is: Try to fit within the C2 model. Keep minding your strategy. Perform well. Good things will follow.


P.S. Peter’s suggestion, above, that you offer coupons via C2’s Subscriber Management features, is one to consider.

I want to offer this refund policy because I have seen some subscribers easily give up after a few lost trades before it recovers and create a new high.

Unfortunately, free coupons are not available in my current Trade Leader Plan.

@Swing-Trader, I don’t believe there is a restriction on vouchers/coupons for any plan. If there is you may need to check with C2 support on what you can do to provide coupons.


@Swing-Trader, like I mentioned above contact C2 to correct the problem. If you are in a starter trade plan you might just have to upgrade the plan.

Here is the link to show you how

The main reason I want to offer a 3-month fee plan is because, subscribers are too eager to exit when there is an unexpected DD. If they stay for 3 months, they may have good profits at the end of the 3 month period.

2019-03-31: $14,255
2019-06-30: $16,847
2019-09-30: $19,xxx?

Well … because the goal was not achieved. Instead of refunding 50% of the subscription fee (100% of my commission), I decided to discount 50% in the next 3 months (at least until December 31, 2019).

Happy trading.

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