Sunny Trading System

Good day, was wondering what peoples views / thoughts are of the Sunny system might be as looks reasonably promising ? Regards PJG

For highly leveraged systems like this I only look at the periods where he had autotraders, so you know he couldn’t mess with prices for illiquid securities (400 options, etc). In this case, April-early May and July-present is all I’m looking at. No TOS so I wouldn’t touch it. Completely unsustainable returns. Don’t expect 25-75% months.

Good luck.

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consider 7-2 as the inception date. anything before that is most likely not possible in real life. unless you gamble 100% of your acct balance on every trade.

These numbered id’s make me very cautious since they probably created another id before with a failed system and wanted to rinse and repeat. At the very least observe for another 6 months.

good day, many thanks for your helpful comments, regards pjg