Super slow getsystemroster

After I issue the command, it chugs for over an hour before it finally fails with " Premature EOF". I write each line to a file and the filesize is only about 2.8MB before the crash. Not sure why it is taking so long, or why it crashes. Any ideas?

Here are the last few lines before death:

14:32:39:561: TabCollective2.getResponse(): <system>

14:32:39:878: TabCollective2.getResponse(): <id>34988551</id>

14:32:39:955: TabCollective2.getResponse(): <name>Anacott%20%2D%20Index%20LEAPs</name>

Mar 11, 2013 2:32:40 PM moneymachine.TabCollective2 getResponse

SEVERE: null Premature EOF