System clones

Does anybody know what these system clones are? When I am using the grid and trying to see how my signal stacks up to the others the clone of system whatever s really screw things up.

Hi Richard:

Sometimes I will make a “clone” of a system to test a feature or debug something that is not working without affecting the real system. You can safely ignore these clone systems.

Mathew not trying to be argumentative. If you are comparing your signal to other like signals in the grid the clones really mess up things. You have to go and count the clones between your signal and the first signal. By taking all of the clones out and there are many you then get an idea of where you stand.

Can you keep the clones but keep them out of the grid?


Hi, Richard: So that I can be sure I do exactly what you want, please email a few examples of the specific system IDs you are talking about. If it’s easier to send me a screen shot, feel free to do that. Send to Thanks.

Mathew thanks for taking the clones off of the grid.