System rounding the limit order prices for GBP crosses - Urgent

When I enter a GBP cross order, the system rounds up/down the limit price.
For example, if I wish to sell GBPCHF at 1.4820 (limit), the system rounds the price to 1.4800, similarly if I wish to sell GBPCHF at 1.4860, the system rounds up the price to 1.49, pls fix this, I have taken a market fill at times when I intended to input a limit order.
I have observed similar things in GBPUSD. Please check urgently.
This is all observed in manual order input - can’t comment on orders generated via API.

I see what’s going on. You were not manually setting your instrument type to “forex.” You left it as a “stock” trade. So your trades got sent to C2 as “stock” trades… where the limit was rounded to two decimals… before the orders were subsequently cleaned up/recognized by our order engine as forex.

Now, it turns out that C2 is programmed to automatically recognize forex symbol when you type them in, so that when you type, you do not need to bother setting the instrument type from “stock” to “forex.” C2 usually does it for you automatically.

Except… for some reason, I neglected to do that in cases where GBP was the first currency in the pair! So our auto-conversion worked fine for, say, EUR/USD… but not GBP/CHF.

Anyway, the problem is now fixed. C2 will automatically recognize GBP/xxx as a forex pair when you type it in, and you won’t have to worry about setting the instrument drop-down choice from “stock” to “forex.” It will happen automatically.

Thanks Matthew. I’ll try it out on the next trade.