Terry's Tips

Hi. Can those who know give me their views on Terry’s Tips? I understand that his “10k” strategy produces good consistant returns, but I’m a newbie so am easily led;)

"Good Luck"…better yet take a long vacation and spend it before you part with it…

Is it this Terry’s Tips?:

"On July 10, 2008, we established an entirely new philosophy and investment strategy at Terry’s Tips. Rather than setting up portfolios that sought 50% or so, or even 36% annual gains, we decided to become more conservative. We established 6 new portfolios (using 5 popular indexes as the underlying stock), and each portfolio was designed to never lose money no matter what the market does."

Translation: "Our old philosophy failed, so now we are trying 6 new ones - one is sure to work (we have our fingers crossed), and that’s the one we will heavily promote. Its called suvivorship bias."

I’d be afraid. Very afraid.

"each portfolio was designed to never lose money no matter what the market does."

Is this guy for real? Show me a system that cannot lose money, unless he parks it all in his fireproof, waterproof mattress…

Agree, the regulators will have a field day with someone making statements like that.

as someone once said, there is an inexhaustible supply of idiots…

Terrys Tips is a sham. I had subscribed to that service a few years back. Lost money with it. I forget the line of questioning, but somehow I was exchanging emails with the service, and received one back stating to the effect "we are using the subscriber fees to build our own accounts…" so basically they are trying to sell a service to add money to their own portfolios whomever is running it. total sham if you ask me.