The Dragon systems

More often than not, when a prospective subscribers are interested in the live Dragon systems–Leviathan, Lindorm or EMD Dragon, (“EMD”) they invariably ask what happened to the ones that were previously killed–CL Dragon, Dragon Diversified (“Diversified”), ES Dragon, FDAX Dragon, EurorFX Dragon, and ZB Dragon, (collectively, the “Dragons”)–and what makes the lives ones different than the dead ones. This is a very fair and reasonable question, so here is the unvarnished answer for the benefit of the C2 community.

Except for EMD and Diversified (EMD used another algorithm and Diversified was discretionary), all the Dragons were created with the same algorithm. The Dragons test results were favorable. However, shortly after C2 launch, they acted surprisingly poorly and were terminated within 30-60 days. I was very dissapointed and a bit bewildered, given the very positive historical results. Also, market conditions had not changed, so that wasn’t the cause.

A review of the Dragons code revealed that an early version was used for the NinjaTrader/C2 interface instead of the current test bed code. The good news was the algorithm wasn’t broken; the bad news was a lot of time and money spent on C2 listing fees was wasted. I had no one to blame but myself–this was a sloppy error.

To satisfy myself that the old code was the culprit, I created a new system in April, CL Dragon Redo, (which did not accept subscribers) ran the old code for a month, and then switched to the latest version. The contrast in performance is an eye opener and so the results during this time have confirmed my findings. CL Dragon Redo will soon be accepting subscribers and its name will be changed to Chimera.

In time, the other Dragons systems will be re-launched under new names consistent with the rebranding of the other live systems.

Good luck and may you prosper.