To C2 Users Who Speak Dutch

To all Collective2 users who speak Dutch:

Please forgive this personal note.

In addition to running Collective2 I am also a writer. Specifically I write “thrillers” and crime novels.

Two of my books will appear in English my native language later this year. However the very first book that I have published is now available in a very excellent Dutch translation.

If you are a fan of cool crime stories I hope you will consider reading DE BREINCODE by Matthew Klein. It is being published by De Fontein and is available now at

A direct link:
De Breincode

If you do read it I hope you will take a moment to email me and tell me what you think. DE BREINCODE is my first novel and I welcome reader questions and comments. (And – particularly if you like the book – I hope you will consider writing a nice online review to encourage other readers in the Netherlands to pick up a copy.)

I hope you love the book. Please let me know what you think.


Matthew Klein

P.S. And no the story has very little to do with trading systems! It’s a clever “twisty” thriller in the tradition of Crichton or Nelson DeMille (I hope).

Gefeliciteerd! Maar kun je zelf ook een beetje Nederlands, of is wat ik nu schrijf onbegrijpelijk voor je?

To answer your question, Jules, I can’t read Dutch (or write it). But I can copy and paste your message into’s Babelfish translation software to get a sense of what you are asking.

I only write English. Barely, at that. De Fontein translated my English manuscript into Dutch (Karin Pijl is the translator, I believe. Ironically, since I can’t actually understand Dutch, I only know for certain that Karin Pijl worked on the vertaling. I’m assuming that means translation. But maybe she simply ran the paper shredder in the publisher’s office?)


Smart! Yes, vertaling means translation.

I tried it myself and it didn’t translate beetje. It means “a little bit”.

Dus eigenlijk heb je geen idee hoe goed de vertaling is, en kunnen ze net zo goed per ongeluk de aantekeningen van de toiletjuffrouw hebben gepubliceerd. (You may answer in Bablefish Dutch)

Mooi, ik dacht dat je 24 uur per dag achter jouw scherm zat. Gefeliciteerd met je boek in het nederlands.

U bent correct. Ik heb geen idee wat de tekst zegt. Maar ik geloof het slechter niet kan zijn dan origineel.

Nee, dat geloof ik niet! Het moet toch een goed boek zijn, als men het publiceert.