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TopStep strategy on Collective2


Hi Collective2,

I just signed up and started my strategy. I’m calling the strategy Hard Right Edge.

Here’s my story. I looked at Collective2 and TopStep about a month ago. I weighed my options and went with TopStep. The prime reason was I felt the funding would be more beneficial versus waiting to accumulate subscribers in my case.

If you’re familiar with TST, they make it near impossible to pass their combines due to their very strict risk parameters. They have a two step process and step 2 is much harder hence a very high failure rate. Basically you have to be very good at risk management to pass and get funding. Well I’m pleased to announce I have passed their stringent rules and now am in the process of getting funded.

Since I’ve passed, I’d like to bring the same trading strategy I used to Collective2. The plan is to simultaneously trade the funded TST account and the strategy I created here. Every trade I take in the funded account, I will also take in the Collective2 strategy.

I’ll write a little about how I trade. I can also provide proof that I passed the TST combine step 1 and 2 and was offered a funded account. I can post the emails or pictures of my dashboard or any other proof anyone is interested in seeing.

I trade futures and trade during the U.S. session. I don’t hold anything overnight.

The combine I took and passed was the $150,000 combine. Since I’ll be taking the same trades, here are the risk parameters I’ll need to abide by. Here are the risk parameters for those not familiar.

-I have a $3000 max daily loss limit.
-I have a trailing max drawdown of $4500. When I reach a profit of $4500, that trailing max drawdown stays at $0.
-Weekly loss limit of $3000. That goes away when my trailing max drawdown hits $0. (When I have $4500 in profits).
-I can’t hold into major economic releases
-I have to follow a scaling plan. I can trade 3 contracts total until I have $1500 in profits. I can trade 4 contracts if I have a profit of $1500 to $2000. 5 contracts with a profit of $2000 to $3000. 10 contracts with a profit of $3000 to $4500. And lastly, any profit over $4500 allows 15 contracts.

Although these are the allowable rules, I can’t expect to realistically trade 15 contracts if I can only lose $3000 in a day. The scaling plan allowable contracts can go down if I drop down in profits. It goes by the total running profit calculated at the end of the day. If I lose some profits, I can drop from being able to trade 5 contracts back to 3 contracts for example.

Anyway, the risk rules are pretty strict and very difficult to adhere by. I had to make $9000 in profits while following these risk parameters. Twice. Since you have to pass step 1 and step 2. That’s what makes it so difficult. They want to make sure you didn’t get lucky the first time around. So I passed twice. Once you pass step 1, you start over. You have to make another $9000 with these risk rules two times and they will offer you a funded account.

Now that I got that locked up, the plan is to trade the funded account and Collective2 account with the same exact trades. For now, I’m charging a whopping $0 to join my strategy. I hope you find value in this and decide to join my strategy.

Again, the name of the strategy is Hard Right Edge.

Thank you for taking the time out to read and your consideration.


Here are some proof pictures. I don’t want anyone to question if I really passed the combine or not.

Here’s the check marks next to all the rules met. Step 1 is a minimum of 5 trading days. This picture shows a minimum of 10 trading days which is only in step 2.

I passed on Friday and filled out all the paperwork and paid the data fees today.



And here’s the email receipt that I paid for data fees for the funded account


That is good. I trade with both Topstep futures, TopstepFx, and BlueFx. Those are companies that will let you trade their money, and share profits. I trade them 24/7 with few restrictions. With Blufx for example you cant trade from 9PM BST until 6 AM BST. Which to me makes sense, since the GPBUSD and EURUSD dont trade much during those times. I usually hold half a lot to 1 lot max.



Oh wow. Congrats on passing @The_Plunger. I’ve never actually met anyone else that passed. I’ve heard of many on the Internet but never actually talked to a fellow funded trader.



Welcome. I will check back in 6 months. Do you plan to go TOS?


Thank you @OSUTAI

Yes I plan eventually to go TOS but not right away. Once money starts coming in the plan is to put it in an account and link it TOS.


Would be nice to have a link to your strategy here.


I believe its this one…


Thank you @AlgoSystems for linking my strategy


Well if you dont want to pass anything just go to blufx. You can trade right away no test. I have already increased that acct by 5%, started in September.


with topstep the first 5k is yours then its 80% to you. With blufx its 50/50 but you can increase your acct from 50k to 1 mill. So the rewards are much greater.


Agreed. This is the best advise for any investor here on C2.
Wait at least 6-12 months before using any real money.


Congratulations on passing the test.
I couldn’t find your strategy on that webpage…

Unfortunately C2 doesn’t have any tests for developers,
that’s why most strategies will fail within 6-12 months.

Good Luck on C2, hope you survive :wink:


Trading with the propfirms is hard since the loss limit is very low, so you need to be accurate. But if you can afford it, its good training, and i could pay big payoffs. But most importantly if you can survive, it makes you a disciplined trader.


I was asked not to mention/promote the other firm in my open so I’ll respect that. I don’t want to step on anyone’s feet before I get started.

If we talk about risk parameters, they’ll be my risk parameters that I already stated in the open.

I’d respectfully ask that we direct the conversation now to my strategy here on Collective2.

Thank you.


Can anyone help with this question please?

When I enter an order, the chart is default to a 1D chart on the order entry screen here on Collective2. I changed it to a 5 minute. I left the order entry screen and came back and the chart was back to the 1D.

Anyone know how I’d keep that chart at 5 minutes?

Thanks in advance!


Thank you for your feedback!

We will release a new WebTrader version hopefully in 24-48 hours where some chart issues were already fixed and the last bar is updated realtime finally :slight_smile:


I’m done trading for today. I submitted the order below at 9:45 to go long 1 contract ES. I wanted to risk $225 as the stop was 4.5 points away from entry price. My target was 2797.25 so I was trying to make $1450 on the trade. Well the trade has now gone pretty much to target. We’re at 2796.25 as I type this which is one point away from target. I will now cancel that order and come back and try again tomorrow.

I submitted my order at 9:45 and the entry long price was 2768.25. 6 minutes later at 9:51 the ES came down to 2768.50. So the difference of not making anything today or making around $1400 on $225 risk was 1 more tick. A difference of $12.50.

Since the market is a point away from my target, it wouldn’t make any sense to take the trade if it went back down there at this point.

Below is a picture of my Collective2 dashboard. The entry/stop/target orders are time stamped. They were submitted as one bracket order at the same time. If you take a look at a chart, you’ll see the ES went down and missed a fill by a tick 6 minutes after I placed that order.

I’ll try again tomorrow.


Why don’t you use ninjatrader to enter your orders? Its a much better tool.