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TopStep strategy on Collective2


Hi @AlgoSystems

Can I use NT to enter orders if I’m not TOS for Collective2?

I want to make sure subscribers know where the stop is placed and target is placed for every trade. Entering on the Collective2 website they can see the orders including stops and targets. I don’t know if entering orders from a different platform will impact that.

Please let me know if you’re familiar with entering orders from NT if my strategy isn’t TOS yet.



Hi @PotOdds, I think u can do that if you have a live account with one of their allowed brokerages.

Please ask C2 more details since this is not my responsibility…lol


Your post was well written, so must ask, how and why did you exceed your stated $3K dd limit and max 3 contracts on yesterday’s trade?


@e-stat, its not easy to pass the combine AND keep getting funded since the rules are so restrictive.

Almost none of the strategies on C2 would come close to passing the combine since the drawdowns on most strategies are more than 20% whereas in TST they only allow less than 10% I think regardless of the account size.

TST is mostly in the business of getting paid for a chance to get funded. If they find a good trader obviously its to their benefit but its still very difficult.

But it does look like @PotOdds has failed the combine.


This is actually the thing that I can’t understand. Come to the forum, declare all of the rules to follow and than break them during the first days of trading.


Hi @AlgoSystems and @e-stat

I have not failed and still funded status. Please see my other post I started. I’m actually having a great start.


Lol I posted to another post I was reading as if I was posting to this one. Sorry.


I was reading a bunch of posts and posted this to someone else’s thread. It’s Saturday I don’t have my brain on.

Anyway Yes I’m still funded.

Not really sure. I put in the same trades here and the other platform. I put in and cancel a lot of trades. Not sure why the accounts look different. Yes I’m still funded status.


Hmm…you must have some disconnection between C2 and your traded account. You should contact C2 regarding that then.

Many times scalping simply does not work efficiently/properly with the C2 transmit process though so you have to be aware of that. Thats why there are not many scalping systems here at C2.


Some trades are scalps some are not. But I do put in a lot of orders and cancel a lot of orders. Clearly I made money this week as I posted those pictures. Every time I put in an order or cancelled an order I did the same here but the accounts look very different. I really can’t say other than I made money in the funded and the trades I assumed were or should have been the same. They aren’t remotely close. I guess I have to check my positions at all times here and confirm I’m in or out of positions and check my orders here constantly to make sure they’re the same. That’s the only thing I think might align the two to reflect accurately.


Yes @PotOdds, I think you will have to check the positions as you enter positions and close positions most likely.


@PotOdds, are you still trading the system? For a daytrading system you haven’t traded much. Or are you still working out some issues with the platform?


Hi @AlgoSystems

Still trading. Traded today but not yesterday.


@PotOdds, did you have your platform to C2 issues fixed?


Seems so. Keeping a close eye on the orders and positions.


Congratulations to your brilliant trade of last Friday. I noticed that you entered the trade not too far away from the point which Tony Caldaro from the Elliott Waves Lives On determined would be the lower short term support level at that time. May I ask you if you use the Elliott Wave principles to determine support and resistance levels? Or if not, how do you arrive at them, unless it is proprietary information.

As an aside, I still don’t understand why people don’t subscribe to a promising strategy like yours, which is free at this time, so they can follow your trades in real time, but rather just simulate it, one can subscribe without having to trade it.

Anyway, Good Luck!


Hi @KarlA

Thank you. I’ve actually never heard of Tony Caldaro before your mention. Definitely not an Elliot Wave follower. My issue with EW is the wave counts keep changing. You think you’re on wave 5 but it really turns out to be wave 3. As the trade develops, the waves continually change. Not a fan. I’d tell you how I determined that level but I’d have to **** you. Just kidding. It’s kind of a long explanation. It just came down to homework. Preparation. Nothing special. Does that guy Tony only do EW or does he have other styles of trading? I’ll look him up.


I don’t believe in EW as well. EW is dependent on hindsight to label waves and is not a reliable tool in predicting tops and bottoms.


This sentence reminds me of a similar post I received from Payoff Matrix when he was riding high and occasionally issued incredible accurate pending order flows. Yes, in the beginning, when he offered his system free for a limited time, he was one of the best traders on C2. He was the only one I have ever seen on C2 who issued, before the trading session started, detailed graphs showing how potential trades could unfold with support and resistance lines, etc and in addition,either during the trade or afterwards analyzed the trade. Of course, those who never took advantage of his free trial never saw this and therefore could not appreciate his skills and thought it was all luck. Why he stopped doing his own trading and tried to spin off his system to someone who was supposed to mechanize it - which of course never worked - the true reasons we probably will never know. Since I was one of his first subscribers (and I still ended up with profits from his first system) I received information from him which not everyone might have gotten. One reason might have been health issues, at one point he told me he was suffering from too much stress, needed to undergo a thorough cardiac examination and needed to take off some time. It might be true that he is now speculating in real estate or whatever but the true reason why he quit his lucrative trading on C2 we don’t know.

I mention all this because you indicated you were interested in his story when it was dealt with in another thread at about the same time you started your thread.


Man this @payoffmatrix guy must have been really popular here. I think I’ve heard his name from countless people or read about him over and over again. I don’t think I’ve heard of a single other trader other than him on the forums. Whatever the story it all sounds interesting. Whatever his story actually is, hopefully he’s going OK health wise as you mentioned some health issues. You never want to see anyone with health issues regardless of what they’ve done or others think of them.