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TQQQ SQQQ Long trades only!


Swing trade system will trade TQQQ SQQQ long only

Seeking 70-100% yearly, 50% would do fine

Surprisingly not that many Tqqq Sqqq systems out here and I wanted to contribute, although I did see one that looked pretty good

Although system is vibrant, not for the adrenaline junkies. There will be times where TQQQ SQQQ will not trade for 1 to 2 weeks

Can also trade in an IRA



what is the expected drawdown?


Worst dd. experienced has been 15% with a couple 10%.
I appreciate the concern with dd. but I’m most impressed by the overall execution of this system, meaning as for me, I am willing to withstand any dd under 35% It handled the recent drop since October very well by toggling between Tqqq Sqqq, and actually was profitable. I was inspired to create a system that would go both long Tqqq and Sqqq after noticing there are some great traders who can do well going long, but these same traders do not fair very well when they try to go long inverse. I do agree that going long inverse is very difficult but this is the best I’ve found. The idea is to catch the swing when inverse longs toggle but you need to scale out of the position. Exiting an inverse long(SQQQ) peak is extremely difficult. The system catches reversals very well but may lose a little on the exit, so in essence most of the time, you catch the run, but may piss a few off when you don’t catch the full spike on the exit. In its simplest form, I am very pleased with the systems ability to catch reversals.

I don’t believe in backtests but,
Manually combing through the systems returns
2018 112%
2017 85%
2016. 77%

Everything here is strictly my observations. TQQQ SQQQ is provided as my very best effort to try to figure out this maniacal tumultuous market.
One should never risk money they can’t afford to lose, trading is risky and you may lose some or all of your investment!


maybe I am not informed enough… how do you buy 1300 shares at $39 with only $15,000 in the account


@JohnDesey The model account is $50k; your $15k figure is just a recommended minimum amount for following this strat.


You can trade TQQQ SQQQ with as little as $1,000 if You’d like.

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