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TQQQ SQQQ Long trades only!


They seem to reply to my email usually within a few hours.


New highs and new high price of $149


TQQQ SQQQ has had a very nice steady run as of late.
Feeling good.


Most investors are looking for track records of 6 months or more unless your system is a daytrading system. Many have been burnt badly for investing too early.

Also offer coupons to new subs for 1 month.

Another idea is to try the C2star certification program which guarantees 1k per month now it seems.

You have to think of this as a business that still needs promotions.


@TQQQSQQQ please let me know if any of that works…As a trade leader I am interested to know :smiley:


I love C2. Long live C2


There you go @TQQQSQQQ! I just saw your first sub! lol…

Now work on your marketing strategy and you will at least make some money. As long as your strategy makes subs money you will be very happy in a year or two.

Good luck!


Hilarious it’s as if C2 gave me a sub to stop my complaining.
You guys should try it.


Lol…I think its more about marketing and putting up your strategy info in these threads. Of course too much info can tune subs out but updates every 2 or 3 months can actually help.


Actually I expect several days of mostly sideways action so I wouldn’t want anyone to join now. I bet most subs join systems after a run and then are disappointed. Best to join a perceived successful system when it is in a pullback.


Back to trading and hitting all time highs.
I try to think outside the box, that’s my style.
To succeed we must think as winners but as we know we cannot always control outside forces, the best we can do is position ourselves to mitigate bad case scenarios.
Good luck guys.


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