Reported as a fully automated algorithmic signal generator. There has been a 10 fold increase in the average losses figure (other indicators have also worsened). Its highly probable that there is a structural weakness in the algorithm / software ‘bug’. The draw downs were concurrent with the system description but their proximity is of great note. The system manager is communicative but responses to technical enquirers are dealt with in a ‘light – touch’ manner (excl proprietary). The manager has given himself the milestone of recovering the situation around end Jan. My plan is to unsubscribe but review the situation at the start of Feb to see if the milestone was achieved. The previous performance was very good before this algorithmic area of weakness was revealed.

NB: This message was intended to be a 2 star ‘review’ of the system but due the limited C2 functionality for reviews it was necessary to post it here.[LINKSYSTEM_72452857]