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Trading System (OPN W888)


Hello Ladies and Gentlemens! I want to describe, how my trade goes and for Whos. System Start from 50 k and as You can see, my trades can be scalling and сan be divided into parts. The levels, wrehe my risks grows its there in 50 k , 75k, 115k, 170k, 240k and etc. The risks is usually from 0,5 % to 2% by one position. Position can be with different numbers of contracts.
For example. If trading account at 120k the risks can be at 1%. Based position takes from deposit in 50 k and for 50k risk is 1% - 500$ for position at Natural Gas with risk 250$ in 1 contract - we must to open 2 contracts if We have a 50k for trade, and for 120k - It will be 2x2 = 4 contracts and all position is 1000$ - it near 0,85%, but as You can See the deposits with scalling can use a starting capital if They set to 50% scalling.
Thats is it).

If You Have a questions - You can ask me at comfortable time and methods.


Congratulations on a great February. You had a great month when so many strategy’s had 30-50% drawdown and many went belly up and are no longer. Keep up the great trading. I am sure others will have many questions considering a lot of us are reviewing strategy’s moving forward.


Thanks GREGGL. I’m just trading as I can and as I see.


Hello! Now I start a system, that had been in Experimental. The system is Opn W888 NSP (last name was be a Softs)… from this period that I was trading… many mistakes and folds was be resolved… And now I can trade on this strategy as the same tacktics in OPN W888… Ok. Later or now if You want to know What is this strategy and what I will trade and where… I will write in topicks. Thanks. Have a Nice Day :slight_smile:


Hello! I want to tell You about my trading style and margin recomendation on this time. As You can saw, I was writing in forums about risks and growing risks in system… And now I decided to this system make. As You know my system start and based on 50 k deposit… now we have bigger deposit as start, but risk is too big, than in 50 k. And now I decided to trade on this system risks. My system risks based on risks by 100 k deposit and this will be at 0,5% to 2,5 % on each position. But all positions can be devided on 2. What is this devided? Example. Each position can be start from 2 contracts and then 4, 6, 8, 10. And If You want to start or trading on 50 k deposit You can simply choose a scalling by 50 %… For everyone, who wants to trade with 50 k or with 100 k. deposit. I think it’s normal will be. Thanks for Attention. Best Regards. Paul


Thanks, that is a good solution.

I would like to add that personally I prefer systems which do not increase the position size as the account grows and let the subscriber decide if and when to scale up but I can understand the developers’ desire to show the best possible equity graph, unfortunately, experience has shown me that rarely developers can indefinitely continue with their initial stellar performance - I hope you will be an exception.


Your average profit per month is 2300. With 50% scaling - 1150. You will be asking 20-40% of average monthly profit. Your max dd is 68k or 34k with 50% scaling. Starting with your recommendation of 100k or 50k it is a 68% potential drawdown.

So good luck with the new fee! :slight_smile:


So does this mean you aren’t raising your monthly fee to $488 ?


There are currently no autotrades with this system anymore due to the heavy losses prior to this month so raising the sub fees would be a rather foolish move. Also the fact that there has been no profits this year to charge that much.would be outrageous.


Good afternoon! Yes, I decided not to raise it. And I will not talk much. I’ll just work, and then we’ll see what and how. Thank you for Attention and I wish you Good Trading)


I like your perseverance. Good come back without changing risk parameters ( I hope I am right with that - a quick glance says so)


Hello! Thank for interest to my strategy. I have some changes in my strategy… some upgrades… but risks is on based levels… From 0,5% to 2 %… usually. And all margin recomendations have in normal levels for deposit. If You have some questions about trades - I can answer. Best Regards


Yeah, he recovered, but honestly…
Those risk-parameters are not very impressive.
He lost 60K in a short time & had a DD 50%
No wonder he lost all subscribers as well.


Return > drawdown is not so bad, is it?


Long-term MAR > 1 is indeed not so bad. But MAR was significantly below 1 for the duration of that drawdown. Fantastic recovery since August drawdown, but the rate of that recovery was far faster than the long term growth… indication of a different trading style under pressure? I have no idea, just agreeing that MAR > 1 is not so bad, with emphasis on long-term. MAR was pretty darn low back in August.


Hi there. Yes it is hard to keep the draw down low, due to choppiness in the markets. But I will try very hard to do that with Euro Magic, so far it has yet to go above a 5% draw down.