Using PHP software

Hello I m Tom, working next to a team for DAX single stock strategy. All is done belong to PHP software - have anybody here idea to use this here without translation or writing new software…

Your answers are welcome


Hello Tom,

You may want to state your question more clearly and make it more manageable by splitting it into separate shorter questions. Then you may get meaningful responses. As it stands, maybe someone else gets what you mean, but I cannot make out at all what you are asking!

Asking whether it can be used unmodified begs the question what "it" is. PHP is a programming language and framework of libraries. What can be done in PHP can equally be done in any number of other languages and frameworks. So just saying that something is PHP is nowhere near enough information for anyone to answer your question.

Asking whether "it" can be used "here"… by "here" do you mean C2? By "used" do you mean "automatically enter trades via the C2 API"?