Vision Forex

Vision Forex has a new strategy (less risk), we will give an absolute positive return pear month.

what do you mean by an absolute positive return? Most of the trades it looks like held until they turn positive.

Because I looked at the current trade, and buying a eur/jpy at a peak has a greater chance of dropping , which it did at the moment, which looks like more risk

ever got a reply from the system developer?

Hi Ronald,

Before, all open positions were at 50’000. Now it’s 30’000 ! Less risk.

If you start to autotrade with my system, it will be better to speak with me, before to start (so I can explain you how to autotrade it’s depends the amount in your account), it’s very important !


Hi Tom,

In my system, you need to accept to have a drowntown. All system have sometimes a drowntown, I never told to my suscriber that I will give 100% of success in my trade.