Who is Tomoki Nakamura?

Just curious. Look up his systems and you’ll understand why.

It is amazing what you can do with 5 free trades.

I can’t figure out how to look up a system by vendor name.

How do you do it?

I believe if you click on "Collective2 Ratings" link on the left hand side, you can enter the name of the vendor and the associated systems belonging to them would appear. Hope that helps.

Good question Schmitty… I couldn’t figure that out either. I had to do an advanced Google search on the Collective2.com domain for Tomoki Nakamura and found the link…

Curious as to why someone would create 30 systems with no trades… but maybe all of the systems trade infrequently and just haven’t had a signal yet… … :slight_smile:

I bet Matthew is thrilled…

This guys is kind a FX system broker. Traders register their TradeStation systems at his web site and then he tracks results and sell them.

My guess he is trying to get those systems verified/tracked by C2.

Doesn’t that make him a C2 competitor? I too am a bit puzzled by what he’s doing.

In any case, one undocumented feature you might want to see is this. Type into C2’s system search box on the “home” page:


and see what happens.

In my opinion C2 and his business are not competitors, giving the language and cultural issues involved. He is established in Japan. A different market.

As one proof of that, Matthew, if you check the number of C2 customers you have from Japan you will notice they are not what you might expect. Probably you have more customers from less "representative" countries.

On the other hand, it is unlikely your customers will buy TradeStation programs from a website in Japanese (as far as I know he does not sell signals).

Your guess is good as mine as what he intends to do, but perhaps he just wants to get third party validation. If his systems are good, being validated by an AMERICAN company where he competes with WORLDWIDE systems will give a big boost and credibility to his business.

This sounds rather foolish for some, but this is the real Japan.

shouldn’t there be a limit on the number of trial systems? maybe 3 ?

Well, honestly, that’s what makes this incident so very strange. There is a limit on free trial systems at C2 (it’s a “soft” limit determined by the software automatically, based on the account profile and some secret-sauce details I won’t bore you with).

But the limit kicks in when people try to enter a new signal into the database. In other words, we want to prevent cheapskates from creating 100 free trial systems, each with 4 free signals. So when you try to enter your 80th free signal (or whatever), C2 says, "Sorry, please take a moment to support our site by paying our listing fee."

But the weird thing is that this gentleman never bothered to enter any signals – not even one. So I think perhaps the nature of this site eluded him.

I really don’t know, and honestly don’t feel it’s worth getting too worked up about.