Why IBEX35 not available?

Matthew, why is IBEX35 futures not available in C2?


It is available in Interactive Brokers…

We don’t currently receive quotes from the MEFF (Mercado Espanol de Futuros Financieros) and that is the exchange where the IBEX35 is traded.

Can this be implemented?

I’m interested too, I have a good system on Ibex, and I could add the signal to Magic Trio,


Matthew, any chance to get this implemented?

I’m afraid this isn’t something we can do anytime soon because quotes from the Spanish MEFF exchange are not readily available to us. If this changes in the future, we can implement.

Any chance you can use a US, London, or Eurex futures contract that replicates the IBEX? Or maybe a U.S. ETF?