Why isn't the "Babson" System listed?

The Babson system is up substantially. It is a futures system. When I go to hot futures systems and select all it does not come up. When will it be listed?. Thanks Ron[LINKSYSTEM_50288258]

Go to Hot Futures System list, and near the top you’ll see “Criteria For List” Hover over the little question mark and you’ll see the criteria needed to appear there.

I think worrying about things like this belies an impatient attitude. Few people are going to be following a 2 week old system anyway. Ask yourself this: would YOU put up money to subscribe to, and trade real money with, a 2 week old system?

Unfortunately, some people do subscribe to very young systems. Witness the 1 star review for Forexcash, and it is only 5 or 6 weeks old.