Will the SUPER BOWL Indicator LIV on?

Just for fun…

The super bowl stock market indicator stat has a better track record than Punxsutawney Phil’s weather predictions (by a long shot). The theory goes like this. If an AFC team wins it will predict a bear market for the year and if an NFC team wins a bull market will ensue.

According to Wkipedia “Impartial estimates place the groundhog’s accuracy between 35% and 40%.” But the Super Bowl Indicator is 80% accurate. That is a crazy stat.

According to SNOPES and other sources as well “The Super Bowl Indicator (SBI) has been on the money 33 years out of 41 (as measured by the Dow Jones Industrial Average), which represents a success rate of 80%.”

Punxsutawney Phil has been making predictions since 1886 but there have only been 54 Super Bowls. What if somewhere along the 134 year line the Groundhog day prognosticators got their signals reversed? I have never traded on the Super Bowl Indicator, but with stats like those, maybe we all should be placing our bets.


PS Kansas City Chiefs won and they are an AFC team.

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