Woowy! That hurts

Wow - how fast all "woowy" systems collapsed in a couple of days, giving back half of 6 months of profits. I suppose money management is not part of the woowy philosophy.

Notice that, Mr. Six Sigma? You may be following shortly. After all, what diff does Sharpe Risk-adjusted Return make, as long as your equity curve climbs?

Ross I’m now convinced, you get your rocks off on this stuff.

Notice how as you got on board I went into a little tail spin. Could it have been the negitivity of your presence, could there have been a quiet wind blowing. Now that you bailed out lets see if I come out of the tailspin. If I don’t you can get your rocks off if you like.

Do you ever smile. Try it sometime.

Next 3 months are going to be even more exciting. Yessiree bob…

How? My little secret…