YES3 statistics page

First let me say the vendor has had exceptional trading success this last year. However, there is some fairly inaccurate information on the YES3 statistics section which is quite misleading. From what data do you take the number of trades? I’ve tracked this vendor for nearly a month now and there have already been 290 trades. Your statistics state that there have been only 264 trades over 16 months, which would suggest to someone looking into the vendor that they are not a day trader, which is quite the contrary. Often times the vendor will scale into a position over a 5 to 10 minute period with 3 or 4 trades. These figures you state are significant disconnects to reality given that commissions are paid per trade (obviously).

The vendor also has (in the month that I have subscribed) held between 60 and 80 open positions on any given day, many that are several months old. The current figure is 78 open positions, which creates quite a barrier to set up auto trading. It would help to have more transparency in this regard when researching vendors. [LINKSYSTEM_36868418]