1M bars in SEETU

@BobSvan2 can we try to implement this in SEETU?


It scalps ES 1m bars… apparently with great results :smile:

Doesn’t he already has all of his HFT scalping on c2 already?

Surely he is not trading in C2 a public strategy he published in 2014…

Whatever method he is using to trade seems to work;



Not possible in Seetu.
Seetu is not a real-time trading platform watching every Trade, Ask and Bid quote.
We do not have real-time quotes streams in Seetu.
It means we do not have TradeStation’s “InsideAsk” and “InsideBid” values for this strategy.

Perhaps real-time quotes can be substituted by Open or Close of 1-minute bars somehow, but it will degrade performance.
If such modification is not tested in TradeStation, it is not worth to try to compile it to Seetu.