A helluva way to ruin a holiday (Labor Day)

BTW, to ruin a perfectly good Labor Day. I (Mr. Ross Honda) was driving home from a day of volleyball and good picnic food. Then Mr. Elderly Toyota in front of me slammed on his brakes. Ross Honda was alert enough to do the same, with 2 feet to spare. But Mr. Distracted Chevy behind me was not so. He slammed into my rear end at a good rate of speed (airbag went off) and of course, shoved me into Mr. Toyota. Honda is now without bumpers, headlights, prestone all over the road, hood & trunk crunched, radiator now about 20 degrees off the vertical, cracked windshield, and a hospital trip (back spasms). Funny, the picnic no longer seems like it was worthwhile.

But on a good note, since the car is almost a foot shorter, it will be easier to park in tight spaces :slight_smile:

Ross – I’m sorry you ended up becoming one of the holiday statistics. It is sad that we’re safer staying at home than going out and enjoying the holidays (at least in crowded USA cities).