A little too real

I just noticed that hawk-fx had a realism factor of 101.5.

I thought maybe I was confused about the scale so I clicked on the question mark next to the RF number and it says (in part) "The Realism Factor is a number between 1 and 100."

It looks like the autotrade component of the RF is greater than 100 for some trades.

I had noticed similar things like that earlier. By definition, isn’t that impossible? Doing better than the system results is not really the same as getting extra credit…

I think a RF >> 100 means that the subscriber ALWAYS gets a BETTER price than the system. :slight_smile:

The realism factor can be greater than 100. If the system has many autotraders then the realism factor will be based on their slippage. If the system frequently buys when the price decreases and sells when the price increases, then short delays will have the effect that autotrades get slightly better prices than C2. Then the realism factor will be greater than 100. In this case, when it is based on autotrading, the intepretation is like this:

your profit or loss % = (Realism Factor) * (system’s profit or loss % at C2).

(Another reason why, in these cases, “Autotrade factor” would be a better name.)

This depends on the definition of "Realism."

Realism should mean: how closely it tracks a signal. There should not be > 100%, because it is not really possible to exceed 100% tracking/reality.

Exceeding the performance of a system does not make it more "real." Then, it becomes a "Performance" measure, where we are saying that this value can outperform than the system.

That’s why I say that “Autotrade factor” would be a better name.

could be. Too bad "Ulcer Index" is already taken :slight_smile: