A weird trade by C2 just now

STC limit order for ESH6 @1288.5 was filled just now at the price of 1288.25

How could this be happening? Why was not it filled at 1288.5 where it should?


Emailed, trade filled @1288.25 (3/6/06 11:31) 3/6/2006 Sell to close 3 @ESH6 @ limit 1288.50 GTC

It’s known as the spread

A limit order being filled at a price worse than the limit price entered and you think its due to the spread? Remind me never to subscribe to any of your systems.

Your order was a sell to CLOSE a long position. Your long position hit the limit, and was sold less the spread. Remind me never to subscribe to your system.

(1) It wasnt my order, I’m not the originator of this thread.

(2) You don’t seem to understand the difference between a limit order and a stop market order. With a limit order there is no fill except at the limit price, what you are describing is a stop market order.

(3) I am not selling any systems here as anyone can plainly see

No, you don’t seem to understand the difference between closing a long position by selling versus opening a short position by selling.

It is a sell to close order. The filling should be not worse than the limit price. Here it should be equal or higher than 1288.5. Filling at 1288.25 can not be justified. It has nothing to do with the spread.

Agreed. But isn’t there a feature within C2’s autotrading framework that enables MIT (market if touched)? If so, then that fill is possible. But not on a straight limit order.

That’s Trade Bullet’s feature, not C2’s feature.

Craig you really should stop now, you are just embarrassing yourself by continuing to argue when you don’t know what you are talking about.

A limit order has to be filled at the limit price specified (or better) that is the whole point of a limit order. If Cat Fish placed a STC limit order at 1288.50 (as stated in the original post) then it cannot be filled at a price less than 1288.50. If you can’t grasp this then you have no business offering systems on C2.


Please do us all a favor and withdraw your systems until you understand what market orders, stop orders and limit orders mean. Call your broker to confirm. Assuming you have one. Since you don’t know what a limit order is, I doubt you ever traded yourself.

You can argue all you want. There is NO ambiguity with regards to how a limit order work. Go to any exchange, or broker’s website which explain it.


It was an incorrect fill and has been corrected.

I am just currious as to how fast C2 can capture and verify the trade?

As soon as a trade is entered into the website, we capture the real-time bid/ask. So: instantly.