ANTARES SP500 Discount Coupon, $109 for 3 months instead of $150

To all perspective subscribers, please take advantage of following three months discount coupon:


This coupon allows a new subscriber access to ‘ANTARES SP500’ at reduced price.
Instead of the standard price of $150.00 per month, user having this coupon will be charged $109.00 per month.
This reduced price will remain in effect for 3 billing transactions.

Please note that this coupon expires on 2017-12-27 13:11:00 Eastern U.S. time.

Excerpt from strategy description:
ANTARES SP500 is a fully mechanical strategy operating End-Of-Day on Mini-SP500 Futures.
It is composed of five different long/short strategies:

1 Countertrend
3 Pattern (MonTueEffect, EndOfMonth, BlackBollinger)
1 Intermarket

Please download strategy description and 16 years backtest:

Strategy operates long/short with limit and market orders.
Orders for next trading day (if generated) are sent to subscribers around 17:30 ET (23:30 CET).
Orders are valid from next day Globex Future market open (18:00ET/00:00 CET) until the end of next day trading session (17:00 ET, 23:00 CET). Because orders are sent after market close, It can be easily operated manually.

I am always available for question and information.

Thank you!
Paolo Geronazzo