Autotrade overlay showing twice the amount


Since around Feb 19, the overlay autotrade fills are showing twice the sizes and twice the P/L. If the system bought and sold 1 contract and made $100 in my real account, the overlay fill table shows that it bought and sold 2 contracts and made $200.

And also, the opening C2 price actually shows the closing C2 price (open and closing C2 prices are the same). This one has been going on for months.

I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s a global error. It happens on both systems I’m trading.


Thanks ironcito. We’re pretty close to releasing the brand new web site, in which these data-reporting issues will be fixed, so I just need to ask for your patience a bit longer. The new site will have some very nifty new (much-asked-for) features, and will also solve some of these annoying data-report problems.