Be a smart investors

To be the smart investor following in my opinion to be done by the investors.

>Choose the system which is having drawdown of less than 20 %.

>Look what was the performance of the system when the market is in downtrend.

>Profit factor should be more than 2.

> Sharp ratio should be greater than three.

> Annual return should be more than 50 % .

> Don’t go for the system which is making 90- 100 % monthly as think of the situtation where if that vendor make 90 - 100 % loss in a single month. Go for system which is making 5 -10% monthly

> system chart should have stable curve.

Is anything I am missing other than this.

Then my system does not fit. ^_^.

> minimum 2-3 years track record - able to review performance in both bull, bear and ranging markets.