Bug in


Perhaps I should give it a couple of days, but…

NQ Timer (53616187) made the “HOT” systems & “HOT” futures list, but it only shows in “HOT” systems “Long-Term” list - not the “HOT” futures “Long-Term” screen (which holds positions on average greater than 2 weeks).

QQQ Timing Investors

PS on another note I see system Forum posts at the home page, but my few recent one’s don’t show - G.

The “Hot” lists are chosen by computer algorithm, and each list has different criteria, and as a matter of policy I can’t spend time reviewing why a particular system is on one list or not on one list, unless there’s something obviously wrong, which isn’t the case here.

Regarding your other question: We’ve implemented a policy in which, for posts made on your own private forum, we will sometimes not show those posts in the capsule summary area of the main C2 Dashboard page (they’ll still be visible when people visit your private forums, though.)

Generally this occurs if there’s a pattern of lots of “advertising-like” messages (“Come see my system,” “It’s doing great,” “+X% returns this week” etc.) which not only detract from the professionalism of the C2 site but also raise compliance and regulatory concerns.

We want to keep the main dashboard area free of that kind of stuff in order to keep the site professional, usable, and compliant with regulations.