C2 Heart Attack Index

On the leading systems page I see a C2 Heart Attack Index. I love it. Is this statistic going to appear eventually in other areas? Like maybe on the system page.

Also have you changed the entry requirements for the leading systems page? My signal Conservative Blue Chip has been on that list for the last several weeks including last Friday. Now it is missing even though the market was down today and I am not.

Thanks for continuing to update C2 and giving us more.

And perhaps the % returns column should be labelled to lessen confusion. Presently, it reads as though the quoted performance is from date of inception.

Actually the return column you are referring to is the all-time cumulative return. I think an annualized number is better and will change it in the next update, perhaps later today.

Whoops, no. The stat in question was badly labeled. It is in fact the annualized return (in those cases where we are allowed to display annualized returns). I have made the labeling more clear. Thanks!

I really like the new Leading Trading Stragies page. I just have a minor suggestion: remove those systems that are 1) no longer accepting subscribers (e.g. Alpha) or 2) no longer issuing trades (e.g., forex trends).


I also like the Leading Trading Strategies page.

One suggestion is to make the columns sortable. I would like to see the best trading systems relative to the C2 Heart Attack Index without paging through the entire list searching for them.