C2 Site Enhancements

A few user-interface enhancements:

(1) New, simplified AutoTrade Setup

The old AutoTrade “Trading Permissions” page - where you specify what kind of trades to place in real-life brokerage accounts - was a user-interface that only a programmer could love. We have created a brand new, streamlined page designed to make AutoTrading setup a breeze. We removed some extraneous functionality that 99% of users never bothered to use. If you are one of the 1% of people who needs that functionality, you can choose to restore the old-style page. The new AutoTrade page is reachable by clicking TRADING PERMISSIONS in the left-side menu bar (look under the heading “AutoTrading”).

(2) Minimized Trade Entry Window

In response to customer requests, you can now choose to use a smaller trade-entry window, which will take up less screen real estate. You can flip back and forth between the small and large windows as needed.

(3) Park until… auto-fills in date

Another user request answered. If you use the “Park until…” feature when entering trade signals, you’ll notice that today’s date is auto-filled if the last date used was sometime in the past.

marvy on #3. When you Park Until using a previous date, the trade just disappears, and you can think it went in when it really went into the void. I always remember to fill in the time of day, but often forgot to change the date, or had to go look it up. If it is always today’s date, I am sure that takes care of 70-80% of the usage cases.