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09-Oct-2000 Online Since

Percent of global Internet users who visit collective2.com:

Yesterday 0.0026%

7 day avg 0.0018%

1 month avg 0.0012%

3 month avg 0.00101%

3 month change 21% UP

How Collective2.com is ranked around the world:

* 2,690 New Zealand

* 4,838 Guatemala

* 17,055 Hungary

* 23,249 Japan

* 23,915 Hong Kong

* 40,664 Canada

* 51,105 United States

* 67,886 Australia

* 90,656 Indonesia

* 118,748 Italy

* 143,969 United Kingdom

* 198,696 Spain

* 239,771 India

Collective2.com users come from these countries:

* 36.4% United States

* 21.6% Japan

* 7.1% New Zealand

Average Load Time for Collective2.com 2.087 Seconds, 56% of sites are slower.

Did it mention average daily hits?

It spoke in %s and rank mostly:


Interesting. Thanks Index.

2 sec is a lot for execution type of sites

Do not know if that has anything to do with order execution - MK might have a faster action for that. Hope he does…

It might have more to do with forum posts, rendering web pages, etc.

3 month avg 0.001%

So every 1 in 100,000 visits C2 globally. WOW! What a stat, population of the world is about 7 billion, maybe? 6 billion? Somewhere around there, so divide by 100,000 and that means there are 60,000 visits to c2 each day… I would say that is pretty close. Yeah, without a doubt. I think when I first started, I asked Matt what he would need to do to get a million views a day, but that may be beyond what the investing public is. So if we were to assume that there are only about 150 million investors in the US, we get 1500 visitors from that population to here. I think that’s pretty close.

First, I doubt most of the people in the world visit the Internet

Second, I doubt that all of those who do use it daily…