C2 still shows a RF of 84

So then what happens to your system when he hits one of his $ 15 million profit long shots, and you went the wrong way? Can you spell margin call?

Although I did have a stock broker once that if you did the reverse of his every recommendation, you would have done great. :slight_smile:


I’m a self employed insurance claims adjuster, Matthew Graham, and I dare say doing much better at it than you are at trading. However, if I started about 30 “systems” here like you did (just to get one that treaded water), I most likely would have done far better than you. Matthew, at least I posted that I was an insurance adjuster, and didn’t masquerade as a market expert. What is your real job, matthew? It certainly isn’t trading. If it is, you’re most certainly broke.

I’m a student, as I disclosed previously.

OK. Thread closed. Matthew Graham is fascinating; the discussion about him is fascinating; the discussion about the discussion is fascinating. But not relevant to this forum.