Cancel at specific time?

From what I can tell the parkuntildatetime api call will park an order until a specific date and then be executed. I am trying to place a GTC order and then cancel it if it has not been filled by a certain date time.

Is this possible?


Hi, Synergy:

There is no explicit way to do that (i.e. no such thing as a “cancel-this-order-if-not-filled-by-time-X” parameter). The only way to handle this is to issue an API call to cancel the order at the time you want it canceled. (Since you seem to be using the API anyway, this does not seem outside the realm of possibility.)

But yes, that’s a good request. I’ll make a note of it so I revisit it when updating the API.


Thanks Matthew,
That will be easy enough to do, just wanted to make sure there was not already a function to that so I’m not reinventing the wheel.