Chance of ##% account loss?

My system [LINKSYSTEM_63143778] did very poorly when I first started and when I was fighting with understanding the Signal entry API.

Thanks to all of that, the system now shows a 78.6% chance of 20% account loss, which puts it well above the criteria defined in the Hot Stock Systems list (and probably other lists).

Is there any expectation that this number will go down with time as C2 automatically runs more monte carlo simulations against the entire length of the system, or am I forever stuck with this horrible statistic?

I think that stat, ‘chance of account loss’ is very much dependent on when the model for your system starts running and I doubt it’s really going to improve much on your case unless C2 gives people the ability to calculate the model of the system for different timeframes than the default one.

I for one think that more flexibility is needed when viewing the model for a system. It would be nice to see how a system would perform had you started trading it at some other point in time other than the default, recalculating all the stats that C2 already gives. It would also be nice to run the model with whatever amount you wanted.

Isn’t this the purpose of the Test Mode ?? to test things like signal entry API ? or are you telling me that you did that and it kept all the statistics? In Test Mode you get all the features including auto-trade your own just without the ability to get subscribers other than yourself. You also can reset the system as many times as you want before you turn off Test Mode. I hope I’m not missing something.



Test mode would have been great, but I did not know it existed until after I started testing the API. Once I made a couple of trade signals and contacted support, I realized there was a test mode but I could not switch the system to test mode since I had already entered signals.

Of course I could have just ditched the system and started a new one in test mode, but then I would have to pay 2 listing fees for essentially 1 system. It’s my own fault for not inquiring about the test mode before… I was just wondering about how the chance of % loss was calculated and if scheduled monte carlo simulations are run on a regular basis to recalculate that number if a system improves.

got you…sorry to hear that. Good luck.