Changing autotrading scaling

Is changing autotrading scaling really this difficult nowadays?

1. I want to increase the max number of options for one system

2. I go to “Setup AutoTrading” page

3. I click the number I have there for options which is a link but nothing happens

4. I click the scaling% which also is a link and it takes me to the 1st step to setup autotrading

5. I click 3 Set trade sizes but get error "You need to choose your broker account first."

6. I start clicking the arrow to go forward and notice that my settings (e.g. scaling) have disappeared and I need to setup everything again.

We’ve come a long way from how this was originally implemented: one clear table where you could very easily modify any setting of any system with no extra clicks.

Only one way would be even better that the original: you could modify everything on the system page (and without extra clicks of course).