Collective2 Scores

According to the explanation on C2, any score above 500 is considered "good."

I just sorted all systems on the Grid, and there are only 10 systems with scores below 500.

Clearly, there cannot only be 10 "bad" systems on this site, out of 10,900+ systems.

Maybe I am confused because all systems for the same vendor get the same score.

Anything in the works to improve this scoring system?

Clearly something happened a few days ago to give everyone the great scores.

BTW, the C2 score has always been the “vendors” score, not the system score. Since I’ve been here, all systems by the same vendor show up with the same score.

As I understand it, the C2 score is pertains to the vendor, not per system. So it’s some kind of amalgam covering all the vendor’s systems… and maybe how nice a person they are??

My score dropped below 500 a few days ago, I have no idea why as my systems are not showing anything unusually bad. It’s early days for me still so I’m not too surprised that the score may jump around wildly on such a short track record.

Or maybe Matthew has decided that I am not so nice after all… :wink:

The blurb says that the C2 score is still in development. That would explain why it sometimes changes for everyone at the same time.

Anyway, how come you get 10 below 500? I just did a sort too and found many systems below 500. Some with a score in single digits!

Another thing that puzzles me is that my systems come with quite a high popularity rating in The Grid even though they’ve been running for such a short time and my view counters are low. I’m not going to complain about that one though :slight_smile:

Whoops, my apologies. I had some filters on, so I was not looking at all the systems out there.

Scratch my comment.


How many moving violations have you had in the past 6 months?

That might explain the drop in score, since I think the C2 score is tied to the DMV.


Aha, that must be it. I had three cops chasing me in my Toyota last week :wink: