Connectivity Problems - Early A.M. May 13

C2 Members -

We had technical problems last night which affected some users. Specifically, some users were unable to connect their TradeBullet or Trader68 programs to Gen1 AutoTrade servers, or had these programs disconnected repeatedly. The problem affected users between 12:30 AM and 7:30 AM ET this morning, May 13.

The problem is no longer present. I am not sure yet what the underlying cause of it was: whether it was a problem at our primary hosting provider, or was a problem with C2 infrastructure. Perhaps not coincidentally, we did have to take one of our databases offline yesterday and run with one less database than we typically do (it’s back online now), but it’s not clear if this caused the problem.

I’m hoping to get to the bottom of it. But I did want to report this to people in case some mysterious connectivity problems need to be explained.


connectivity problems still persisiting !!

Still happening at this time 9:38 AM Eastern. Constant disconnecting and re-connecting (5 seconds in between)

Well, nobody cares!

I care, Georg. Hang in there. We’re getting to the bottom of this. We think we know what’s going on. More shortly.


I had problems in connectivity at the End Of The Day in the ESM1 (even though I have TradeBullet to syncronize with C2), in closing the positions today…

Can you please provide us what went wrong?

This is very important for systems that "CLOSE POSITIONS AT EOD".

Thank you and Best Regards


Hi, Variance:

The problems discussed in this thread were solved earlier this morning.

Er, which means that if you had problems closing positions at the end of the day, then they were caused by something else entirely. (Highly reassuring, I know).

Please send an email to detailing the specifics of your question/problem. One thing you should know is that if you have configured C2 to automatically close your positions at the end of the day, you need to set the clock-time of the aut-close to at least several minutes before the actual market close, due to the heavy demand for CPU at the end of the day.

Matthew, please tell us what went wrong today (again) !!