Daily Auto-close not working

Yesterday and again today the daily auto-close did not work. Can you please fix? Daytrading systems are now overnight systems :frowning:

Please explain the issue to me again, what’s not working?

There’s an option on the system settings to close all positions every day at a specific time. Twice this week it didn’t work and left positions open after that time. It worked yesterday though.

This is a known issue, basically caused by the increasing number of systems on the site. Unfortunately, the solution is a complete re-architecture of the automatic-close-positions function. This is not something that we can immediately do, so for now I encourage system developers to manually be in charge of closing their own positions, and not rely on C2’s auto-close-at-time setting. I’ll keep you posted on progress.

Would moving the time to 3:58 help with this or not?

Yes, it would incrementally help. Basically, your system is in a death match with other C2 systems, fighting for finite CPU resources. So the earlier you move your autoclose, the more likely you won’t be competing with others for a swamped server. Still no guarantees until I re-jigger the damn thing from scratch. I am sorry. Wish I had better news.

No worries I adjusted the timeframe of my system to think EOD is 3:59 so it will automatically close.

On the plus side, booming business for you causing headaches is better than the alternative :smile:

May not work as well , i’ve tried to put it at 3:55 for the FDAX and it did miss …

I updated it on my server to close it but that’s good info that sometimes it runs more than 5 minutes behind.

Matthew would it help to run a service earlier (say 3:30 PM) that enters good after time orders with a good after time of the end of day time specified? Or add a way to do this automatically?

Strategy Managers:

I have installed new auto-close software which should operate much faster than the old version. If you have a low-impact system (read as: few subscribers or no autotraders) and want to give it try, please report back to me how it works for you. You can turn on the “auto-close at time X” feature just as you always have, via the Edit System button. Send feedback and trouble reports to help@collective2.com.

I’m cautiously optimistic the new software will be better able to handle the increased number of C2 users and strategies.

Cautiously optimistic… pending real-world usage reports.