Error runit intraday

*** ERROR task 1 failed - “arguments cannot be recycled to the same length”
Did anyone face this error. Appreciate your help in advance.


This can be answered only looking into your code.
Please send your question to help desk. We will need your strategy ID and details like used symbols, timeframe and time range.

Thanks for your reply @BobSvan2 . Sent my specific questions to help desk.
Have generic question you might help quick.
I was able to see trades made while back test, but no action after turning on automatic strategy with intraday. symbols used as sample @ESZ20.
I see green tick mark after turn on and save, but no other log message.


Please make sure you have “Turn it On!” checked on the “Run It” tab. It can be off automatically when you are playing with your code an compiling it. (We are trying to avoid sending wrong signals to your strategy while you are debugging your code.)
The best is to close a code editor when you are done with debugging or changing your code. Open it again and check “Turn It On” and “Save” then.

Results from the automatic runs can be checked on the “Run It” tab. Not on the “Trades” tab.